How to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone 13

Your iPhone’s Clock app gives you the ability to set alarms in addition to its other features like a Timer, Stopwatch, and World Clock.

It’s something that is available as part of the default app, so you don’t need to install any new apps or enable any additional features or settings.

But you might be wondering how to change alarm sound on iPhone 13 if you don’t like the tone or song that plays when it goes off.

You can check out this how to change alarm sound on iPhone 13 video on YouTube for more coverage of this topic.

How to Play a Different Alarm Sound on iPhone 13

  1. Tap Clock.
  2. Choose Alarm.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Touch an alarm to change.
  5. Tap Sound.
  6. Choose a new alarm sound.
  7. Tap Save.

Our how to change alarm sound iPhone 13 guide continues below with additional information on this topic, including pictures of these steps.

Having this feature on your smartphone is very convenient, as it makes it much easier for you to take up or remember to perform certain actions because that alarm clock is always with you.

But the sound that plays when your alarms go off may not be a sound that you enjoy hearing, so you might be wondering if there is a way to fix it.

You can change an alarm sound on your iPhone by going to Clock > Alarm > edit > selecting the alarm > Sound > choosing a sound > Save.

Any alarm that you edit in this manner will then use the alarm sound that you chose. Having this option can make waking up a lot more relaxing when you choose an alarm sound that is more pleasant. It can also make the alarm more effective if you have trouble getting out of bed and choose a sound that is more jarring.

Our article below provides additional information on changing the iPhone alarm sound.

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How to Switch the iPhone 13 Alarm Sound (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 13 in the iOS 15.3.1 operating system. These same steps will work on most other iPhone models, in most other versions of the iOS operating system.

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These change alarm sound iPhone 13 steps will show you how to play a different tone when the alarm sounds.

Step 1: Open the Clock app.

open the Clock app

Select the Clock icon.

Step 2: Choose the Alarm tab at the bottom of the screen.

choose the alarm tab

Tap the Alarm option.

Step 3: Touch Edit at the top-left of the screen.

select Edit

select the Edit button.

Step 4: Select the alarm for which you would like to change the alarm sound.

select the alarm

Choose an alarm.

Step 5: Touch the Sound button.

select Sound

Tap the Sound option.

Step 6: Touch the new sound that you want to use.

how to change alarm sound on iPhone 13

Choose a new alarm tone.

Step 7: Tap the Save button at the top-right corner of the screen.

how to switch the iPhone 13 alarm sound

Save your changes.

Now that you know how to change alarm sound on iPhone 13 you will be able to set up all kinds of different alarms on your iPhone and use different tones to identify the different purposes of the alarm.

Our tutorial continues below with additional discussion about the iPhone alarm sound.

Video on How to Change the iPhone Alarm Tone

More Information on Using a New Alarm Sound on an iPhone 13

If you have more than one alarm set on your iPhone then you will need to change the sound for each alarm that you wish to update. There is no way to change the alarm sounds in bulk on an iPhone.

The alarm sounds that are available on your iPhone 13 are the same ones that you can use when you are setting your ringtone.

You might be asking how do I change my alarm sound on iPhone 13 if you find that the current sound is either too quiet to wake you up, or if it’s too loud for an alarm that you are just using for different reminders throughout the course of the day.

Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t have the alarm sounds classified into different types or categories, so you are going to need to try out a bunch of them until you find something with the right feel for what you want.

Note that while the steps in our article are means to answer the question of how do you change alarm sound on iPhone, that sound is separate from the other tones that you might hear or use on your iPhone. This includes things like the sound that plays when you get a phone call, or when you receive a text message.

You can change your iPhone’s ringtone by going to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone > then choosing one of the options there.

You can adjust other notification sounds, too, on that Sounds & Haptics menu, including things like:

  • Ringtone
  • Text Tone
  • New Voicemail
  • New Mail
  • Sent Mail
  • Calendar Alerts
  • Reminder Alerts
  • AirDrop

You can purchase additional ringtones (and, therefore, additional alarm tones) through the iTunes Store.

You can also use songs for the alarm sound on your iPhone. The songs that are available are the ones that you can access through the default Music app.

Frequently Asked Questions About Changing the iPhone Alarm Sound

Is it possible to turn off the alarm sound completely on an iPhone?

Yes, one of the options on the alarm sound page is “None.” You can choose that if you only want the alarm to vibrate.

Additionally, if you tap Vibration at the top of the screen you can choose a different pattern for the vibration on that particular alarm.

You can read this article about setting an iPhone alarm to only vibrate if you are interested in using that configuration for at least one of your alarms.

How do I delete an iPhone alarm?

If you have an existing alarm, regardless of whether it is a wake up alarm or something that you are using as a reminder throughout the day, you may be looking for the delete alarm option.

You can perform this action by going to Clock > Alarm > then swiping left on the alarm you wish to remove and select the Delete option.

Where do I find the option to adjust alarm volume in the alarm settings on an iPhone?

one of the more common complaints about the iPhone’s alarm sound is that it can be too loud. This is particularly noticeable with a morning alarm, which can be quite jarring.

If you would like to change the iPhone alarm volume to make it quieter then you can go to the Settings app, choose Sounds & Haptics, then drag the slider under Ringer and Alerts to change alarm volume on the device.

If you move the slider to the left the sounds will be quieter. If you move it to the right they will be louder.

What is the default alarm tone on the iPhone?

When iPhone users create an alarm on their iOS device, it will use the “Radar” tone by default.

While you can go to the Sound screen and set a tone or vibration pattern for a previous alarm that you have created, you can’t adjust the default tone for future alarms.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you to learn how to change alarm sound on iPhone 13. It’s a surprisingly simple but effective adjustment that you can make to the alarm, and it can help you to start your day off a little better if you hear a favorite song or a pleasant sound.

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