How to Enable Incognito Mode on iPhone 13

To enable incognito mode on your iPhone 13, simply open Safari, tap the tabs button (it looks like two overlapping squares), and select ‘Private’ to open a private browsing window. This incognito mode ensures that your browsing history, cookies, and other data are not saved on your device.

After you enable incognito mode on your iPhone 13, your browsing activity won’t be saved to your device, meaning no history, cookies, or searches to worry about popping up later. It’s a useful feature for those moments when privacy is key.


Ever found yourself wanting to search for something on your iPhone without leaving a digital footprint? Whether you’re planning a surprise birthday party or researching a sensitive topic, sometimes you need your browsing to stay under wraps. Enter incognito mode. This little-known feature on your iPhone 13 is a game-changer for maintaining privacy and ensuring that your search history doesn’t come back to haunt you.

Incognito mode isn’t just for those who have something to hide. It’s incredibly relevant for everyday users concerned about privacy, especially in a world where data breaches and privacy concerns are increasingly common. By understanding and using incognito mode, iPhone 13 users can keep their browsing habits confidential. Parents can also use it to prevent their children from stumbling upon their online activities. It’s a nifty tool that’s part of a larger conversation about digital privacy and security, which affects everyone who uses a smartphone today.

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A Step by Step Tutorial

Let’s walk through the steps of enabling incognito mode on your iPhone 13. This will help you browse privately whenever you need.

Step 1: Open Safari

Open the Safari app on your iPhone 13.

Safari is the default browser for the iPhone 13, and it’s where the magic of private browsing happens. Make sure your device is unlocked and you have Safari easily accessible.

Step 2: Access Tabs

Tap the tabs icon in Safari to view your open web pages.

This icon at the bottom right of the screen looks like two overlapping squares. By tapping it, you can see all the pages you have open.

Step 3: Open Private Browsing

Select ‘Private’ to switch to incognito mode.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see ‘Private’. Tap this, and then you can click the plus icon to open a new private tab.

Step 4: Browse Privately

Start browsing in private mode without worry.

You’ll notice the color of the search bar and interface changes, indicating you’re now in private mode. Anything you search for in this mode won’t appear in your browser history.


There are several advantages to using incognito mode on your iPhone 13.

Benefit 1: Privacy

Incognito mode keeps your browsing history private.

When you use incognito mode, your iPhone 13 doesn’t save your browsing history, cookies, site data, or information entered in forms. This is perfect for keeping gift shopping or other secret activities under wraps.

Benefit 2: Session Separation

Each incognito session is kept separate.

Opening a new incognito tab is like starting with a clean slate each time. This is great if you want to log into multiple accounts simultaneously without logging out from another session.

Benefit 3: Temporary Data

Incognito mode temporarily holds data.

For the duration of your private browsing session, cookies are used as normal to ensure websites work correctly, but once you close the tab, they disappear as if they were never there.


However, there are some drawbacks to using incognito mode on your iPhone 13.

Drawback 1: False Sense of Complete Privacy

Incognito mode doesn’t make you invisible online.

It’s important to understand that incognito mode doesn’t protect you from everything. Your ISP, employer, or the websites you visit can still track your activities.

Drawback 2: No Password Saving

No autofill or password saving.

When using incognito mode, your convenience features like autofill and password saving are turned off, which means you have to enter everything manually.

Drawback 3: Some Data May Persist

Incognito mode isn’t foolproof.

Some websites may use technologies like Flash to save data that incognito mode doesn’t cover, potentially leaving traces behind.

Additional Information

While incognito mode on the iPhone 13 offers a level of privacy for your browsing habits, it’s not a one-stop solution for all privacy concerns. It’s crucial to understand what it does and doesn’t do. For instance, incognito mode won’t protect you from malware or prevent websites from tracking your visits through IP addresses. It’s essential to combine private browsing with other privacy measures like VPNs and regular clearing of cookies for a more complete privacy strategy. Remember that private browsing is a feature, not a cloak of invisibility, and should be used as one of many tools to protect your online presence.


  1. Open Safari.
  2. Tap the tabs icon.
  3. Select ‘Private’ to switch to incognito mode.
  4. Browse privately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does incognito mode save any information?

No, incognito mode on the iPhone 13 does not save your browsing history, cookies, or search records.

Can my employer see my incognito browsing?

If you’re using a company network or VPN, your employer may still track your browsing activity.

Is incognito mode completely secure?

No, incognito mode is not entirely secure. It offers privacy from local tracking but not from external monitoring.

Can websites track me in incognito mode?

Yes, websites can use your IP address to track your visits even when you’re in incognito mode.

Will incognito mode prevent viruses?

Incognito mode does not protect against viruses or malware. It’s solely for privacy from local tracking.


Incognito mode on the iPhone 13 is a powerful feature for anyone looking to keep their browsing private. Whether you’re a privacy-savvy user or just someone looking to surprise a loved one with a gift search, understanding how to navigate your digital space discreetly is more important than ever. As we’ve discussed, while incognito mode is useful, it’s not a catch-all for privacy, and users should take additional measures to ensure their online security. Remember to use it wisely and in tandem with other security practices. Dive into the digital world with confidence, knowing that you have the tools to keep your browsing history just to yourself.

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