How to Find iOS on iPhone 13

While it may seem unimportant in most situations, knowing how to find iOS on iPhone 13 is beneficial if you are ever having trouble with your iPhone, or if you are looking for a new feature that is dependent on your iOS version.

Apple iPhones are among the most popular mobile devices in the world, so news regarding them is typically quite popular.

One piece of information that may not seem important involves the release of a new iOS version.

Full number releases (iOS, 14, iOS 15, etc.) can typically bring about significant changes in terms of new features and looks, but incremental releases (iOS 15.1, 15.2, etc.) can be just as useful or important.

When you are troubleshooting an issue with your iPhone or are unable to find a feature that you think you should have, then one of the most important things to know is the current version of iOS that is installed on your iPhone.

Luckily you can find this information fairly quickly by following a short series of steps that will take you through the Settings app on your iPhone.

How to Check iOS Version on iPhone 13

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Choose General.
  3. Select About.
  4. Locate your Software Version number.

Our guide continues below with additional information on locating the iOS version on an iPhone, including pictures of these steps.

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What Version of iOS is On my iPhone 13? (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 13 in the iOS 15.4.1 operating system.

These same steps will work for other iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch models using most current versions of iOS.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

open Settings

Step 2: Scroll down and select the General option.

choose General

Step 3: Touch the About button at the top of the screen.

select About

Step 4: Find the Software Version row in the table.

The number to the right of that is your current iOS version. The one on the phone in the picture below is iOS 15.4.1.

how to find iOS on iPhone 13

Our tutorial continues below with additional discussion about finding your iPhone’s iOS version.

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More Information on How to See Which iOS is On Your iPhone

When you complete the steps above you are going to find yourself on the “About” menu of your iPhone.

Along with the iOS version you are going to see things here like the number of apps that are installed on your device, the number of pictures and videos you have, the Wi Fi address of the device, and more.

As you might imagine, this is a pretty important screen, both in terms of being able to find this information if you are troubleshooting, as well as simply knowing important pieces of information for your own peace of mind.

In the screenshots above, you may have noticed a red circle with the number 1 inside of it on my Settings icon.

That indicates that I have an iOS update available. If I went to Settings > General >Software Update, I could elect to install that update so that I had the most current version of iOS on my phone.

Usually, it’s a good idea to install these updates because they will usually have new features and fix existing problems with the previous version. Note that these updates can be quite large in size and take some time to install, however, so you might want to wait until you are at home or work where you can connect to Wi-Fi and potentially be without your phone for 30 minutes or so.

Note that individual apps on your iPhone can also have their own version numbers. If you are trying to troubleshoot something with Spotify, for example, then you may need to know the version number of that app instead, which would be different that the iOS version number. The exact location of an app’s version number is going to vary from app to app, but is usually found within the settings for that specific app.

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