How to Hide Photos on iPhone 13

Hiding photos on your iPhone 13 is a straightforward task. Go to your Photos app, select the photos you wish to hide, tap the Share button, and choose “Hide.” The photos will disappear from your regular photo album and move to the “Hidden” album.

When you hide photos on your iPhone 13, they don’t disappear completely. Instead, they are moved to a separate album labeled “Hidden.” You can access this album through the “Albums” tab in your Photos app. Keep in mind that this album is not password-protected or encrypted, so anyone with access to your phone can still view these photos.

You can check out this video about how to hide photos on iPhone for more on this subject.


In today’s digital age, our iPhones hold more than just our contact information—they hold our personal memories. Whether it’s a candid snapshot at a family gathering or a funny meme you saved from the web, our photos are precious. However, there are times when we have images that we want to keep private, away from prying eyes.

For iPhone 13 users, there’s a simple solution: hiding your photos directly on your device. This feature is incredibly useful for anyone looking to maintain their privacy or simply declutter their photo library. But why is this necessary? Think about it. We hand over our phones to friends to show them a picture, and the next thing we know, they’re scrolling through our entire photo library!

Or perhaps, we just want to keep certain photos out of our Moments, Collections, and Years view. Whatever the reason, learning how to hide your photos on your iPhone 13 is an invaluable skill in maintaining your digital privacy.

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A Step by Step Tutorial

Before diving into the tutorial, it’s important to note that this guide will help you keep your photos private and out of your main photo album, but it won’t encrypt them or completely lock them away.

Step 1: Open the Photos App and Select Your Photos

Navigate to the Photos app on your iPhone 13 and select the photos you want to hide.

In the Photos app, you’ll find all your images stored. Tap on “Select” in the top right corner and start choosing the photos you wish to hide. You can select multiple photos at once by dragging your finger across the screen.

Step 2: Tap the Share Button

Once you have selected the photos, look for the Share button (a square with an arrow pointing up) and tap on it.

This button is usually located at the bottom left corner of the screen. It’s through this option that you can access various actions for your selected photos, including the “Hide” option.

Step 3: Choose “Hide”

In the Share menu, scroll down until you find the “Hide” option and tap on it.

When you tap “Hide,” a confirmation message will appear, asking if you’re sure you want to hide the selected photos. Tap “Hide Photos” to confirm.


Hiding photos on your iPhone 13 comes with several advantages.


Your hidden photos will be out of sight from your main album, maintaining your privacy.

When you hide photos, they are no longer visible in the “Photos” tab, which means anyone scrolling through your phone won’t be able to see them. This adds an extra layer of privacy to your personal images.


It helps in decluttering your photo library.

By hiding less important or sensitive photos, you can keep your main album clean and organized, making it easier to find the photos you actually want to see.

Ease of Access

Hidden photos are still easily accessible.

If you need to access your hidden photos, you can simply go to the “Albums” tab, scroll down and find the “Hidden” album. This means you can hide photos without losing quick access to them.


However, hiding photos on your iPhone 13 also has its limitations.

No Additional Security

The “Hidden” album is not password-protected or encrypted.

Anyone who knows how to access the “Hidden” album can view the photos, meaning this method does not provide additional security for sensitive images.

Not Hidden in Search

Hidden photos still appear in search results.

If someone searches for a specific term in your Photos app, hidden photos that match the search criteria will still appear in the results.

Can Be Easily Unhidden

Hidden photos can be easily unhidden.

Just as you can hide photos, you can also unhide them with just a few taps, which could be a drawback if you’re looking for a more secure way to keep your photos private.

Video About Hiding Photos

Additional Information

While hiding photos on your iPhone 13 is a handy feature, it’s important to remember that it’s not a foolproof method for protecting sensitive information. If you’re looking to add an extra layer of security to your private photos, you might want to consider additional photo vault apps available on the App Store that offer password protection and encryption. Additionally, always make sure to keep your device’s software up to date, as Apple regularly releases security updates that can help protect your data. Another thing to keep in mind is that hidden photos will still be included in iCloud Photos backups, and if you have Family Sharing enabled, any hidden photos will still be visible to the organizer of the family group.


  1. Open the Photos App and Select Your Photos
  2. Tap the Share Button
  3. Choose “Hide”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my hidden photos on iPhone 13?

Go to the “Albums” tab in the Photos app, scroll down, and you will find a folder labeled “Hidden.” Your hidden photos will be in this folder.

Can I lock the “Hidden” album with a password?

No, the “Hidden” album on iPhone 13 does not have the option to be locked with a password. However, there are third-party apps available that offer this feature.

Will hiding a photo remove it from my Moments, Collections, and Years views?

Yes, hiding a photo on your iPhone 13 will remove it from the Moments, Collections, and Years views in your Photos app.

Can I hide multiple photos at once?

Yes, you can select and hide multiple photos at once on your iPhone 13.

If I delete a photo from the “Hidden” album, will it be permanently deleted?

Yes, if you delete a photo from the “Hidden” album, it will be moved to the “Recently Deleted” album, and after 30 days, it will be permanently deleted.


Maintaining your digital privacy is more crucial than ever, and knowing how to hide your photos on your iPhone 13 is a simple yet effective way to do that. While it’s not a completely secure method, it does add an extra layer of privacy, helping to keep your personal memories out of sight from unwanted viewers. Remember, it’s always a good idea to explore additional security options if you’re looking to protect sensitive information. With these tools and knowledge, you can take control of your photo library, keeping it private, secure, and organized. So, go ahead and start organizing your photos with confidence, knowing that you have the power to keep them private!

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