How to Mark All Emails as Read on an iPhone 13

When you have been using an email account for a while, you will inevitably start to receive junk messages. It’s an inevitability when you use your email address to create accounts on websites, and it can start to fill up the inbox on your iPhone 13.

Many of these will be things like newsletters or promotional emails that you receive in the Mail app, and you might not really have a reason to open them.

This will leave you with a lot of unread email messages in the iPhone Mail app, which might not be something that you need to change at the moment, but over a long period of time, these can grow to be a significant amount of junk that you might find difficult to deal with.

You’ve probably noticed that when you open an email and go back to the inbox, your iPhone has marked that message as read. But opening and closing all of your emails so that you don’t have any unread messages is tedious and impractical, so you may be looking for a better way.

You can mark all of your emails as read on an iPhone 13 if you open the Mail app, choose Edit, then select all, then tap Mark and choose the Mark as Read option.

Once you complete these actions you won’t have any more unread emails for the accounts in your Apple Mail account, so when you manually refresh the inbox or wait for it to download messages automatically, any new messages with a small blue dot next to them will be actual new, unread emails.

Fortunately, the steps in this article are very simple, and once you have completed them, you should notice that you are no longer seeing an extraordinarily high number of unread messages in your Mail folder. So continue reading below and find out more about how to mark emails as read in the Apple Mail application.

How to Select all Mail as Read on iPhone 13

  1. Open the Mail app.
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. Choose Select All.
  4. Touch Mark.
  5. Select Mark as Read.

Our guide continues below with additional information on how to mark messages as read on an iPhone with just a few taps, including pictures of these steps.

How to Switch all Emails from Unread to Read in iOS 15 (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 13 in the iOS 15.4.1 operating system.

Step 1: Tap the Mail icon on your iPhone.

tap Mail

Step 2: Select Edit at the upper right corner of the screen.

tap Edit

Step 3: Choose Select All at the upper left corner of the screen.

tap Select All

Step 4: Select the blue Mark tool at the bottom left corner of the screen.

tap Mark

Step 5: Tap the Mark as Read option from the drop down list.

how to mark all emails as read on an iPhone 13

Our tutorial continues below with additional discussion about how to quickly mark emails as read in the iPhone iOS operating system.

More Information on the “Mark as Read” iPhone Mail Option

The steps above provide you with a way to mark every email message in your current inbox as being read. If you have multiple inboxes for multiple email accounts on your iPhone and only want to mark one of those mailboxes as read then you can go back to the mailboxes list, select the mailbox, then repeat these steps.

If you don’t want to mark all of your messages as read, but just want to mark one of them, then you can tap and hold on the message in your inbox and choose the Mark as Read option from the options menu at the bottom of the screen. If it says that you can mark it, you can press and hold and choose Mark as Unread. You can also press and hold and choose Mark in the lower right corner of the screen. You will see the option to mark it and then choose Mark as Unread if it says that you can mark it. You can also press and hold and choose Mark on the lower left corner of the screen.

Older earlier versions of iOS had a slightly different method for this process.

If you wanted to mark the entire current folder as being read or unread, you will have to select the entire folder, hold it until it says Mark all, then choose Mark as Read or Unread from the options menu at the top of the screen.

You could also press and hold and choose Mark in the middle of the window at the lower right of the screen. The steps in above steps are still relatively similar if you have multiple email accounts. You can mark one of them as read and move on, or you can select all of them as being unread and move on.

The average email inbox for personal emails or work emails is going to be used on multiple devices. If you are using the IMAP email system for your email account, then when you perform any actions to manage messages list on your phone, then it will update on other devices likes your laptop or desktop computer, iPad, or iPod Touch.

When you touched the Mark button you probably noticed that there were only a couple of other things you could do when you select messages in Mail on an Apple device. These options include Move to Junk, which will move the selected emails to the specific inbox or junk folder that your email account uses for junk.

There is also a Flag option in the menu bar if you would like to mark the messages with blue dots in a way that will move them to a different specific mailbox.

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