How to Stop the Double Space for Period Shortcut on an iPhone 13

When you are typing a text message or composing an email using your iPhone’s keyboard you are probably taking advantage of some of the keyboard’s features.

This can include things like predictive texting or auto-correct that can help you write faster and more accurately.

One of the other keyboard settings that might be turned on is something that you may find troubling, and it involves your iPhone inserting a period and space if you press the space bar two times in a row.

You can disable this period and space shortcut on your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Keyboard > and disabling the “.” Shortcut button.

Once you have configured that setting so that it no longer happens you should be able to include multiple consecutive spaces in a message without then needing to go back and remove an unwanted period.

Our guide below will provide additional information on disabling or enabling this setting on your iPhone 13.

How to Turn Off the Automatic Period After Two Spaces on an iPhone 13

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Choose General.
  3. Select Keyboard.
  4. Turn off “.” Shortcut.

Our guide continues below with additional information on stopping your iPhone from automatically creating a period and a space if you press the spacebar twice.

How to Turn Off the iPhone 13 Double Space for Period Shortcut (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 13 in the iOS 15.3.1 operating system.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

tap the Settings icon

Step 2: Scroll down and select the General option.

select the General option

Step 3: Touch the Keyboard button.

select the Keyboard option

Step 4: Scroll down and tap the button to the right of “. ” Shortcut to turn it off.

I have this setting disabled in the picture below.

how to turn off the double space period shortcut on an iPhone 13

Now you should be able to open the Messages app and type a message that includes two consecutive spaces without your iPhone transforming it into a period followed by a space.

Our tutorial continues below with additional discussion on enabling or disabling the double space period shortcut in iOS.

More Information on Disabling the Period After Two Spaces Setting on an iPhone

The steps above pointed you to a setting that controls whether or not your iPhone will automatically insert a period and a space if you tap the spacebar twice.

When you got to the menu where this setting is located you probably saw a lot of other settings that you may want to change, too. These include:

  • Auto-Correction
  • Smart Punctuation
  • Character Preview
  • Enable Dictation
  • Auto-Capitalization
  • Check Spelling
  • Enable Caps Lock
  • Predictive
  • Slide to Type
  • Delete Slide-to-Type by Word

These settings are all useful or convenient features that can help you to type faster and more accurately.

But the way that we type on our phones is often behavior that is ingrained over years, and even settings that are meant to assist us can actually prove to be a bit of a problem.

if there’s something that you have found to be bothersome while you are typing text messages or emails, then this menu is a good place to check and see if there’s a setting that you need to modify or shut off completely.

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