How to View Your Amazon Alexa Shopping List on an iPhone 13

Amazon Alexa is one of the most popular voice assistant apps you can use, and it’s available on a number of Amazon products like the Fire TV and various Echo products.

Aside from being able to play music and order stuff from Amazon, she can also help you manage shopping lists.

To add an item to your shopping list you simply need to say “Alexa, add eggs to my shopping list” and she will add eggs to the list. You can replace “eggs” with any other item to add that item instead.

But once you have added those items you might be wondering how to view the list so that you can go shopping.

You can view your Amazon Alexa shopping list on an iPhone by opening the Alexa app, tapping the three lines at the bottom-right of the screen, choosing Lists & Notes, then selecting the Shopping List.

Once you know how to find the Alexa shopping list you can use it when you go grocery shopping, you can use it to buy items from Amazon, or you can manually edit it through the app.

Our article continues below with more information on the iPhone Alexa shopping list.

How to Find the Alexa Shopping List on an iPhone 13

  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Touch the three lines.
  3. Select Lists & Notes.
  4. Choose Shopping.

Our guide continues below with additional information on using the Alexa shopping list in the iPhone app, including pictures of these steps.

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How to See the Items You’ve Added to the Shopping List on Alexa (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 13 in iOS 15.3.1. I am using the most current version of the Alexa app that was available when this article was written.

Step 1: Open the Alexa app.

open the Amazon Alexa app

Step 2: Touch the More menu icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

select the more button

Step 3: Select Lists & Notes from the column on the left side of the screen.

open the Lists and Notes menu

Step 4: Choose the Shopping option to view the list.

select the Shopping option

Our tutorial continues below with additional discussion about viewing the Alexa shopping list on an iPhone.

More Information on Shopping Lists and Alexa

In this article, we assume that you already have the Amazon Alexa app installed on your iPhone and that you have signed in to the same account to which you are signed in on your Echo devices.

If you don’t have the Alexa app already then you can download it here.

The steps in this guide show you where to go in the Alexa app so that you can view your shopping list and the times that you have added to it.

When you open the Lists menu you are going to see a couple of other lists, as well as an option to create additional lists.

Once you get comfortable adding items to lists with Alexa you can start using it to manage your to-do list, make lists for things you need around the house, and make lists for birthday ideas; it’s really a versatile option that can help to keep you organized.

While using your voice to add items to the shopping list is pretty easy and convenient, you can also add items manually when you have the shopping list open on your phone. You simply need to tap the big Add Item button at the top of the screen and type the item that you want to add.

You can remove an item from the shopping list by swiping left on the item, then tapping the Delete button. or you can ask Alexa to delete the item from your shopping list.

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