Why Is My iPhone 13 Battery Yellow?

The status bar at the top of your iPhone screen can convey a lot of information with just a few little symbols.

Some of these icons are clear, while others can be difficult to understand.

If you’ve observed that your battery is occasionally yellow and aren’t sure why the iPhone battery color meaning information in our guide below can assist.

Our tutorial continues below with more information about why your iPhone battery is yellow, including a way that you can change that.

How to Enable or Disable the Yellow Battery Icon on an iPhone

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Select Battery.
  3. Disable Low Power Mode.

Our guide continues below with additional information about this subject, including pictures of these steps.

The symbols and status indicators at the top of your iPhone screen can provide a wealth of useful information if you understand what they all mean.

So, if you’re used to seeing a different color, you might be wondering why your iPhone battery icon is yellow.

You’re probably familiar with the various display states that your iPhone’s battery icon can go through.

It is green while completely charged, red when nearly empty, and white or black otherwise, depending on the color of your screen’s background.

However, when you enable Low Power mode in iOS, your battery symbol will become yellow.

Low Power Mode is an excellent addition for iPhone owners who frequently deplete their batteries quickly or who have iPhones with degraded batteries.

However, you may not have enabled Low Power mode intentionally, or you may loathe the yellow battery so much that the battery life gains from Low Power mode are insignificant.

Our tutorial below will show you how to locate Low Power Mode so you can disable it and stop your battery symbol from becoming yellow. We also go through more facts concerning iPhone battery color meaning if you have any questions.

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How to Turn on Low Power Mode on an iPhone 13

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 13 in the iOS 16 operating system.

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

open Settings

Step 2: Choose the Battery option.

select Battery

Step 3: Tap the button next to Low Power Mode to turn it on or off.

why is my iPhone 13 battery yellow

Now that you know why your iPhone 13 battery is yellow, you will be able to use this feature any time you need to save battery life.

How to Add the Low Power Mode Button to the Control Center

The methods in this part will show you how to add a button to the Control Center that will enable or disable Low Power mode. This option is only available if your iPhone is running iOS 11 or higher.

Step 1: Select the Settings option.

Step 2: Go to the Control Center menu.

Step 3: To the left of Low Power Mode, press the green + button.

Once you’ve completed adding the Low Power Mode button to the Control Center, you’ll be able to swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen (or up from the bottom of the screen on older iPhones) and tap the button to turn Low Power Mode on and off as needed.

More Information About the Yellow Battery iPhone Icon

If your iPhone has begun to enter Low Power Mode on its own, or if you notice that you are running out of battery life more faster than usual, you may be wondering why.

While the chance of a faulty battery cannot be ruled out, you can check the Battery menu to see what’s been utilizing it. This data can be discovered by going to Settings > Battery and then scrolling down to the Battery Usage by App section.

Take note of the toggle at the top of this section, which allows you to select the Last 24 Hours or the Last 10 Days.

How to Check the Battery Health on an iPhone

If you’re still not persuaded that your battery issues are caused by app activity, there is another location where you may check the status of your battery.

This information is also available by tapping the Battery Health button at the top of the Settings > Battery menu. This will bring up a screen displaying the battery’s current maximum capacity.

Now that you know more about iPhone battery color meaning, you may take the necessary actions if you detect a different color.

It is natural for the capacity to deplete over time as both the phone and the battery age. If the bottom of this menu says that the battery is operating at maximum capacity, your battery is most likely in good condition.

With iOS 9, there were other adjustments and settings added, including Wi-Fi Assist. When your Wi-Fi connection is weak or problematic, this option will use your cellular data. If you want to change the setting, you can switch Wi-Fi Assist on or off.

Questions and Answers About the iPhone Yellow Battery Icon

What exactly is the yellow battery iPad icon?

Similar to the Low Power Mode covered in the last section, your other Apple devices can benefit from the option to increase their battery life.

If you see a yellow battery icon on your iPad, it means that Low Power Mode is enabled on the device.

You may also remove the yellow battery icon on the iPad by going to Settings, selecting Battery, and then turning off Low Power Mode.

Why is my iPhone’s battery orange rather than green?

The “yellow” battery we’ve been discussing in this article isn’t entirely yellow.

Some folks say it’s more of an orange or golden color.

Whatever color that battery symbol is, it means that the Low Power Mode is enabled, either automatically, by hitting the Low Power Mode button in the Control Center or by enabling Low Power Mode from the Battery submenu in the Settings app.

If you’re used to seeing a green battery, turning off Low Power Mode will restore it to that color unless you’re below 20%, in which case you’ll see a red battery icon.

Is the yellow color of the iPhone battery icon a bad thing?

When anything unexpectedly changes on your iPhone, it may be cause for concern.

This is especially true for something like the battery, which is a critical component of the phone.

Fortunately, a yellow iPhone battery bar just indicates that the gadget is in power saver mode.

It largely behaves the same as it would in normal battery mode, with a few tiny changes that can help the battery survive longer.

If the Low Power Mode interferes with your efforts, you may always go to the Settings > Battery menu and disable it, which will remove the yellow battery icon.

Why does my iPhone seem to drain faster when the battery icon is green?

If your iPhone’s battery color indicator is green, it signifies the battery has a lot of charge and isn’t employing any of the power-saving mode settings that Low Power Mode would enable.

If you frequently find up with a low battery by the end of the day and are concerned about preserving as much battery life as possible, launch the Settings app from the iPhone Home screen and set the device to Low Power Mode, even if you have a high battery %.

How can I activate dark mode on my iPhone?

Your iPhone has two modes: Light Mode and Dark Mode.

It can automatically switch between these settings, or you can do it manually by navigating to Settings > Display & Brightness > then tapping the Light or Dark option in the Appearance section.

Can I toggle Low Power Mode on and off at any time?

Yes, you may change this setting manually at any time by hitting the Low Power Mode button in the Control Center or navigating to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.

On an iPhone, how can I adjust the Background App Refresh setting?

Low Power setting disables Background App Refresh, among other things.

This option may be found in Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

Then, at the top of the screen, tap the Background App Refresh button to control whether or not it is active.

You can also specify which apps can update in the background.

If you presently have Low Power Mode enabled, the Background App Refresh menu will be grayed out.

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