How to Edit iPhone Name on iPhone 14

Changing the name of your iPhone 14 is a breeze! Just head to ‘Settings,’ tap ‘General,’ then ‘About,’ and select the name of your device. Enter your desired name, and you’re all set! This small change can help in identifying your device quickly, especially when connecting to other devices or using AirDrop. Plus, it adds a personal touch to your beloved iPhone.

You can keep reading below for more about editing the name of your iPhone, including some pros and cons, as well as answers to some frequent questions.

You can also watch this video about how to change your iPhone name for more on this topic.

Unlocking the Mystery: Changing Your iPhone 14’s Name

Ever found yourself puzzled, wondering how in the world you can change the name of your iPhone 14? You’re not alone! Many folks think this is a complicated process, but I’m here to tell you, it’s easier than baking a pie. Stick around, and I’ll guide you through each step.

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Navigating to the Right Place: Settings

First things first, you need to locate the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone 14. This little gear icon is your gateway to making all sorts of adjustments on your device. So, tap on it, and let’s get the ball rolling!

Dive Into the General Section

Once you’re in ‘Settings,’ you’ll need to scroll down a bit until you find ‘General.’ This is where Apple has tucked away a bunch of essential functions for your phone. Tap on it, and you’ll see a whole new list of options.

Unearthing the About Menu

In the ‘General’ section, look for the ‘About’ option. This is essentially the treasure chest of information about your device. It tells you everything, from what software version you’re rocking to the nitty-gritty details of your device’s storage.

Spotting the Name of Your Device

In ‘About,’ you should immediately see the name of your iPhone at the very top. That’s your phone’s current name. Maybe it’s something generic like “iPhone,” or perhaps it’s something more personal. Either way, this is what we’re going to change.

Time to Rename

Now for the fun part! Tap on the name of your iPhone. Your keyboard will pop up, and you can erase the old name and type in the new one. Maybe you want to name it after your favorite superhero or give it a cool nickname. Go wild, but remember, keeping it clean and simple is usually the best way to go.

type the new name

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Pros and Cons of Changing Your iPhone Name


  1. Easily Identifiable: When you change the name of your iPhone, it becomes easier to identify, especially when connecting to other devices via Bluetooth or when using AirDrop.
  2. Personal Touch: Giving your phone a unique name adds a personal touch to it. It’s like naming a pet; it just feels more yours.
  3. Organizational Perks: If you have multiple Apple devices, renaming each one makes managing them a whole lot simpler.


  1. Potential Confusion: If you change your device’s name too often, it could lead to confusion, especially if you use multiple Apple devices.
  2. Inappropriate Names: Be cautious about what you name your phone. An inappropriate name could cause awkward situations, especially in professional settings.
  3. Limited Impact: Changing your iPhone’s name doesn’t change its performance or capabilities. It’s purely cosmetic.

Wrapping Things Up

There you have it, folks—a straightforward guide on how to rename your iPhone 14. It’s a simple process, but it can make a world of difference in how you interact with your device and other Apple products. Just remember to choose a name that’s appropriate for all settings, and you’ll be golden.


Can I change my iPhone’s name as often as I want?

Absolutely! There’s no limit to how many times you can rename your device. Just follow the steps above, and you can change it whenever the mood strikes.

Will changing my iPhone’s name affect my device’s performance?

Nope! Changing the name of your iPhone is a cosmetic change and doesn’t impact the device’s performance in any way.

What should I consider when naming my iPhone?

Think about where your phone’s name will appear. You might want to keep it clean and professional since the name could pop up during AirDrop transfers or when connecting to other devices.

Is there anything I can’t use as my iPhone’s name?

While you have a lot of creative freedom, it’s best to avoid using special characters as they might not display properly on all devices and platforms.

Will renaming my iPhone change its Bluetooth or AirDrop name?

Yes, it will. The name you set is what will appear when connecting via Bluetooth and when using AirDrop, making your device easily identifiable.

Video About Editing iPhone Names

Additional Information

Renaming your iPhone can be a fun and practical way to personalize your device. It’s just one of the many customizable features that Apple offers to ensure that your device feels truly yours. Just a few taps in the settings, and voila, your iPhone has a brand new identity! Whether it’s for practical purposes like easy identification and organization, or just for the sheer joy of giving your device a quirky name, this feature is there to be used. So go ahead, give your iPhone 14 a name that stands out and makes it uniquely yours!

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