How to Enable or Disable Character Count for Messages on iPhone 14

To enable or disable the character count for messages on your iPhone 14, navigate to the Settings app, scroll down to “Messages,” and toggle the “Character Count” setting. This simple action will allow you to keep track of how lengthy your messages are as you compose them.

After enabling the character count, you’ll see a small number appear on the screen as you type a message that exceeds one line, indicating the number of characters you’ve used. If you disable it, this count will no longer be visible.

You can also watch this video about how to enable or disable character count in messages on iPhone 14 for more information.


Are you someone who loves to keep their messages short and sweet? Or perhaps you’re a bit of a chatterbox, typing out novels with your thumbs? Either way, knowing how to toggle the character count for messages on your iPhone 14 can be incredibly handy. This simple feature can be the difference between concise communication and text messages that turn into essays. Why is this little feature so crucial?

Well, for starters, some carriers charge by the number of characters sent, especially if you’re sending SMS. Then there’s Twitter, where character count is the name of the game. For the efficient communicator, keeping tabs on how verbose you’re being can be crucial. This topic is especially relevant to iPhone 14 users who may be new to the iOS ecosystem or those looking to make their messaging experience more efficient. Let’s dive into the steps to master this small, yet significant, feature of your iPhone.

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A Step by Step Tutorial

This step-by-step guide will walk you through enabling or disabling the character count for messages, making your texting experience more manageable.

Step 1: Open the Settings App

Locate and open the Settings app on your iPhone 14. In this first step, you’ll need to find the gear icon on your home screen or in your app library. Tapping this icon will bring you to the central hub where you can tweak your phone’s various settings.

Step 2: Scroll to Messages

Scroll down and select “Messages” from the list of options. Once you’re in the Settings menu, swipe up until you find the Messages option. This is where all settings related to text and multimedia messaging live.

Step 3: Toggle Character Count

Find the “Character Count” setting and switch the toggle to green to enable or grey to disable. The Character Count option is usually a bit down the list in the Messages settings. Tapping the toggle will enable it (green) or disable it (grey), depending on your preference.


Benefit 1: Keep Track of Message Length

Enabling character count helps you keep track of your message length. When you enable the character count, you can ensure that your messages are concise, which is perfect for professional texts or when you want to keep things brief.

Benefit 2: Avoid Additional Charges

It may help you avoid additional charges from your carrier. For those who have a limited texting plan or pay per SMS, keeping an eye on your character count is a practical way to prevent extra charges.

Benefit 3: Comply with Character Limits

It’s essential for platforms with character limits. If you’re crafting a text that you plan to post on social media platforms like Twitter, having the character count on is indispensable for staying within the limit.


Drawback 1: Clutters the Messaging Interface

The character count can clutter the messaging interface. For users who prefer a clean and minimalistic look while texting, having the character count constantly displayed can be distracting.

Drawback 2: Unnecessary for Unlimited Plans

It’s often unnecessary for those with unlimited messaging plans. If you’re on an unlimited text plan, keeping track of characters is likely a non-issue, making this feature redundant.

Drawback 3: Not Useful for Short Messages

Not very useful if you tend to send short messages. For those who naturally send brief messages, the character count feature might not provide any real benefit and can be just another thing to ignore.

Video About Character Count

Additional Information

When you’re diving into the settings of your iPhone 14, you might notice that the platform offers a host of customizable options that go well beyond enabling or disabling the character count. This flexibility is what makes the iPhone such a personalized device. Did you know that the way your character count is displayed can also depend on the orientation of your phone? When you’re typing a message in landscape mode, the character count might shift position slightly. Also, if you’re worried about privacy, rest assured that enabling the character count doesn’t compromise any personal information. It’s a simple feature that works on the fly as you type your message. Remember, this setting only affects the Messages app, so other messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger will not show a character count unless they have their own built-in feature.


  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll to and select “Messages.”
  3. Toggle the “Character Count” option on or off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is character count?

Character count is a feature that shows how many characters you have used in a text message.

Will enabling character count affect my privacy?

No, enabling character count does not affect your privacy in any way.

Can I see the character count for every text I send?

The character count will only appear once your message exceeds one line.

Is character count available in landscape mode?

Yes, character count is available in landscape mode, though its position may change.

Does character count feature work in other messaging apps?

No, this feature is specific to the iPhone’s Messages app and does not apply to other messaging applications.


Managing your character count on the iPhone 14 is more than just a matter of keeping your messages under a certain length; it’s about tailoring your communication style to fit your needs. Whether you’re a stickler for brevity or someone who likes to give detailed responses, knowing how to enable or disable this feature is key to taking control of your messaging habits. Remember, the beauty of the iPhone lies in its ability to be customized. So, take the time to explore other settings that can make your messaging experience even better. Communication is an art, and with tools like character count at your fingertips, you can become the master of your texts.

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