How to Turn off Vibrate on a Pixel 4A

While there are a lot of different tones that you can use to alert yourself about new notifications, your phone can also vibrate to let you know about them. This can be handy if you have the phone on silent, or if it’s in your pocket and you can’t hear it.

But the vibration may be unwanted by some Google Pixel 4A owners, so they might be curious about whether or not it’s possible to stop the device from vibrating entirely.

You can turn off all vibrations on a Pixel 4A by going to Settings > Sound & vibration > Vibration & haptics > and disabling the Use vibration & haptics setting.

Now when you receive a notification or perform an action that would have otherwise triggered a vibration or haptic response, it will no longer occur.

You can continue with our article below and find help on stopping your Google smartphone from vibrating at all if you are using an Android 11 Pixel 4A.

How to Shut Off Vibration on a Google Pixel 4A

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Tap the Sound & vibration option.
  3. Touch Vibration & haptics.
  4. Tap the button next to Use vibration & haptics to turn it off.

Our guide continues below with more on finding and adjusting your Pixel 4A’s vibration settings, including pictures of these steps.

If you’re a Pokemon Go player that doesn’t like to hear all of the game’s sound effects, then visit our how to turn off sound in Pokemon Go tutorial for more information.

How to Stop Vibration on a Google Pixel (Guide with Pictures)

This tutorial used a Google Pixel 4A device that was running Android 11. Many other Android 11 devices can use these same steps to disable their vibration as well.

Step 1: Swipe up from the center of your Home screen to open the app menu.

swipe up on the Home screen

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of this menu and select the Settings icon.

open the Settings menu

Step 3: Choose the Sound & vibration menu item.

open Sound and vibration

Step 4: Locate the Vibration & haptics option and select it.

select Vibration and haptics

Step 5: Touch the toggle switch to the right of the Use vibration & haptics setting to turn it off.

I have disabled all vibration on my Pixel 4A in the picture below.

how to shut off vibrate on a Pixel 4A

you can read more about shutting off your phone’s vibration in the section below.

More Information on How to Completely Disable Vibration in Android 11

As mentioned above, the steps in this guide were performed on a Google Pixel 4A. However, you will be able to use these same steps to stop other devices that are running Android 11 from vibrating.

Some of the other settings that you can choose to disable from this menu include:

  • Vibrate for calls
  • Ring vibration strength
  • Notification vibration strength
  • Touch feedback strength

Note that you will need to have enabled vibration and haptics to adjust any of these settings.

Customizing the strength of the specific vibration types can be a good solution if you simply felt that the vibration was too strong or too loud. If you reduce the strength then the vibration becomes much more subtle, which can be a nice balance between receiving a notification and not being very disrupted by it.

Phones other than Androids have vibration settings that can be completely disabled as well. For example, you can shut off all vibration on an iPhone by going to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > and turning off the Vibration setting you find there.

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